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DreamLand Studios, an unprecedented film city, with state-of-the-art technology, and a wide variety of services

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This would be the synthesis in a few words of this huge and ambitious project, developed in a total area of 160,000 m² that will feature the largest audiovisual set in Europe, with 6,000 m² of surface and 16 meters high. In addition, this project will combine filming studios, large warehouses and storehouses for sets, a production and post-production building, a projection room and an Audiovisual Arts Training Centre. Besides a powerful leisure offer, a virtual reality theme park, commercial area, restaurant area and terraces. And all this without forgetting, of course, DreamLab, a laboratory of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Triple A Videogames, Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputing pioneer in Europe.

Its goal is to develop an audiovisual city where companies in the sector and the general public can create a new social paradigm based on technology. The Underwater Stage, a 1,600 m² water tank that will become the largest underwater installation for the recording of cinematographic material in Europe also deserves special mention. And the virtual reality theme park, pioneer in the world and that will have around twenty virtual attractions/rides for adults and children, including a museum of the future, in which the path for the future technology will be unfolded for the coming years and decades. Undoubtedly an ambitious project that will make DreamLand Studios the epicenter of the film industry both nationally and in Europe.

Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland

Undoubtedly an ambitious project that will make DreamLand Studios the epicenter of the film industry both nationally and in Europe.

The cinematographic city will be developed in the paradisiacal environment of the island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary Islands.

Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland

Fuerteventura, the second largest island of the Canary Islands, is located in the Atlantic Ocean 100 km off the north coast of Africa. It is a vacation destination well known for its white sand beaches and year-round warm climate, refreshed by constant breezes. The cliffs and protected coves interrupt the beaches that surround the island, and due to its mild climate and with temperatures that remain stable practically all year round.

These reasons make Fuerteventura a unique natural setting in the world for film shooting as it has both its natural and scenic beauty, as well as the ability for the filmmaker to plan a production without having to overcome weather obstacles. This is the reason why the archipelago has been surprised by an unexpected business flow: film shootings. With the globalization of the industry, the search for exotic and multi-landscape locations and the current easiness of moving a production of hundreds of people and cinematographic teams, the biggest production companies have found in the Canary Islands, a natural set that stands out for the unique advantages it offers. Among the most talked-about productions in recent years are Han Solo: a Star Wars Story or Exodus: Gods and Kings.

An enviable location that has the best international conections, being only several hours from the main European capitals, and its European Union membership, which gives it a wide network of infrastructures and services, in addition to legal and health security based on European standards.