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The project will address the construction of a film recording area of more than 25,000m² with the technical facilities necessary for its use, as well as offices and dressing rooms attached to each studio. DreamLand's offer will be completed with warehouses for each set, a post-production building with a projection room and an esplanade for outdoor shootings. The facilities will also have a car park attached to the main study that will have 200 spaces for vehicles.

Recording Studios (11,000m²)

DreamLand will feature the largest film recording studio in Europe with a total area of 6,000m² and a height of 16 meters. This main studio will be complemented by 2 secondary studios of 2,500m² and 14 meters in height respectively.

Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland

The recording studios will have the latest on-set filming systems using LED Volumes, a system consisting of a physical floor, real props and huge LED panels with 4K resolution located in a circular way with the filming set in the center, and above the roof, the latter as a sky. In addition, these studios will have the innovative Acusticblok 6mm sound insulation technology, which will be placed on walls, floors and ceilings.

Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland

Post-production building and screening room (3,500m²)

The main facilities will have a building specifically designed for the post-production phase, special effects, visual effects and a projection room where the necessary projections will be carried out throughout the production and post-production process.

Design, construction and storage of decorations (6,000m²)

Among the main cinematographic buildings, the project will have 3 warehouses of 2,000m² destined exclusively for the decorations of each production: design, construction and storage.

Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland
Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland

Offices and dressing rooms (3,400m²)

In order to improve the proximity and accessibility of the administrative staff of film projects, each recording space in DreamLand will offer a space for offices and dressing rooms.