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Commercial area and restaurant and terrace area (7,000m²)

DreamLand will have a 7,000m2 commercial space reserved exclusively for visitors to the Virtual Reality theme park.

Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland
Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland

The DreamLand experience will also have restaurant area and terraces, where the public of the Virtual Reality Park will be able to enjoy the best-known restaurant chains, but also restaurants with the highest island, international and fusion cuisine.


The DREAMLAND team is aware of the difficulty of transporting personalities from the world of cinema, so it has incorporated a helipad to its facilities.

Imagen de los estudios de Dreamland

Amphitheatre-Stage (7,000m²)

DreamLand will have a 7,000m² amphitheater for holding events and shows where production closings, first screenings and concerts can be held.